Posted: 22nd February 2017

Pardon Me Alan Turing is not only about the experiences of Turing and Wilde, but the experiences of thousands of men who have been granted a pardon for a historic homosexual conviction.

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 Review: The Ak Pride Festival Great Debate
Posted: 21st February 2017
Laughter, adult language, dubious claims, conflict, drama and therapy-level sharing all add up to Best (Ak Pride Great) Debate Ever!

 Ak Pride: Aroha’17 NYC House Party
Posted: 21st February 2017
Meet GypjaQ, an “upbeat, aggressive, unapologetic and above-all queer and black” cyber soul performer who's headlining at tomorrow night's Aroha’17 NYC House Party

 Truth, Time and Transition
Posted: 20th February 2017
Diane Sparkes presented her second-ever poem at the Pride Poetry Speak Easy and speaks of her pathway to becoming a woman taking over sixty years.

 Ak Pride: Pardon Me Alan Turing
Posted: 20th February 2017
Is quashing the convictions of some men previously convicted of having gay sex really going to undo the accumulated effects of decades of being a convicted criminal? A play for Ak Pride explores at the subject.

Review: NZ Bear Week Comedy Night
Ak Pride: Ngahuia Te Awekotuku
Review: Legacy Project 4
The Auckland Pride Festival Sports Rundown

The origins of Gay Pride
Posted: 22nd February 2017
With Auckland Pride drawing to a close and Wellington Pride starting on March 3rd it's worth reflecting on the origins and history of the glbti Pride movement. Miss Wikipedia explains it all...

Looking back: George Michael
The toilet access issue

Ak Pride: Bears 101
Posted: 13th February 2017
As the LYC Bear New Zealand Week kicks off tonight we introduce you to the basic principles behind being a bear.

Ak Pride: Māori, Pasifika & indigenous film
Challenging Ignorance

The PrEP Underground, UK-style
Posted: 4th February 2017
As our HIV agencies struggle to get the PrEP HIV prevention treatment more easily accessible through public health channels, there are less orthodox alternative grass-roots approaches we could consider.

New 'Ending HIV' website launched today
Update: Body Positive, after the battle
What If... HIV/AIDS Had Never Existed?

Ask the US Christian Right First?!
Posted: 21st February 2017
Once again, Family First is trying desperately to draw attention to its failed imported campaign against transgender school student privacy, safety and health.

Election 2017: What Should Our Priorities Be?
Quacking Noises: Family First and Transgender Suicide
Chad Goes Backward

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