Posted: 29th August 2015

Update: The ribbon's been cut and the opening night party is packing them in, while outside it's cold and colourful,

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 Then there were two: the dual Gay Ski Weeks
Posted: 28th August 2015
This weekend not one, but two, Gay Ski Weeks will begin in Queenstown, running separately but in parallel, with several clashes of similar events. How did this come about?

 Bringing Freda Du Faur to the big screen
Posted: 26th August 2015
Wellington filmmaker Anita Ross is embarking on a quest to make a movie about Freda Du Faur, a pioneering lesbian mountaineer who was the first woman to climb Aoraki / Mt Cook in 1910.

 Legacy Project: Submissions open for year three
Posted: 26th August 2015
The creators of the successful Legacy Project are looking for a fresh bunch of voices for the third year of the theatre initiative, which brings lgbt New Zealand stories to the stage.

 Yana Alana’s queer, bare cabaret
Posted: 24th August 2015
Yana Alana, the alter-ego of Australian cabaret artist Sarah Ward, will perform at the Auckland International Cabaret Season next week. We find out more about the performer and her titillating show

Shelley Howard: on 'coming out'
Michael Stevens: Two years on
Trailer: Carol
Richard Tankersley: Our journey is ongoing

Watch: Ladies of NZ
Posted: 24th August 2015
Auckland trans woman Mary Haddock-Staniland is part of radio station ZM’s mini reality series Ladies of NZ. You can check out episode one here.

"Why don't you settle down?"
Lgbt rights beyond marriage

anyone keen on marriage of convinience???? 27 Aug 15, 10:05:pm
MOC 27 Aug 15, 09:56:pm
Churches in Hamilton 13 Aug 15, 08:44:pm
Needing Advice 09 Aug 15, 08:40:am
Love Interests 30 Jun 15, 01:27:pm
the dating section has gone 14 Jun 15, 05:39:pm
Donor/Co parent wanted 09 Jun 15, 11:36:pm
Looking for a sperm donor 06 Jun 15, 11:53:pm

Rainbow Ireland: A brief guide to the marriage referendum
Posted: 19th May 2015
rish voters are set to back the introduction of gay marriage by a margin of as much as two-to-one next week and become the first country to approve the policy in a national plebiscite, a series of polls indicate.

Review: Stutterpop (Sam Brooks)
Review: A Life of Unlearning

Shelley Howard: on 'coming out'
Michael Stevens: Two years on

Dr Peter Saxton: It's time for health equality
Posted: 19th August 2015
Two years on from marriage equality, Dr Peter Saxton from the Gay Men’s Sexual Health research group says it’s time to assert our right to health equality.

Health: HIV and trans women
Health and wellbeing: your views needed

Scotland and the (Dis) United Kingdom
Posted: 21st August 2015
It may be a 'sleeper' international news item, but according to BBC News, the issue of Scottish independence from the United Kingdom is once again back on the front burner. How has Scotland's distinctive identity affected its LGBT inhabitants?

Advance Australia fair
Aus marriage Bill introduced to Parliament
P&R: Tipping Point?

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Hayley & Roy Cropper in Coronation Street
Tough times ahead for them both.

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