Posted: 9th October 2015

The first New Zealander to have full gender reassignment surgery really does have some stories to tell. You’d be best to read the book yourself, but in her 72 rich years she’s knocked down barriers countless times.

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 P&R: Serco and transgender prisoner safety
Posted: 5th October 2015
What is Serco, why is it allowed to continue to operate New Zealand prisons despite its lamentable safety record and how does the history of transgender prisoners’ rights fit into this situation?

 Watch: Dropped Pie
Posted: 3rd October 2015
You might just spy a familiar (bearded) face in web series Dropped Pie! LaQuisha St Redfern features in this series about a new dish which is taking the food world by storm.

Meet the new elected leaders of OverWatch
It's time to get writing
A heartland NZ romance: West of Eden
Film preview: Freeheld

Artist Amos Mac talks about documenting trans communities
Posted: 7th October 2015
Trans artist Amos Mac shares his beautiful portraiture and thoughts on trans representation.

Carmen Rupe at Te Papa
Critics rip Stonewall apart

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A wedding in the rain
Posted: 11th September 2015
"Turns out Chels and Sami had been planning to elope, but at the last minute decided they’d like to include a small circle of family and friends. It felt like a rather large conspiracy."

The gentrification of being gay
Gala dinner raises thousands for NZ Falcons

Meet the new elected leaders of OverWatch
Posted: 2nd October 2015
The New Zealand Defence Force OverWatch group have announced a new Chair and Deputy Chair ahead of their AGM on Monday 5 October.

30 years on: The "Nuremberg Rally"
Listen: queer history in the making panel

Ministry of Health release information about GRS funding
Posted: 24th September 2015
Jennifer Shields says the release of information from the Ministry of Health on funding for gender reassignment surgery shows the outlook is bleak.

PrEP a 'reasonable option' for some NZ men
Ministry of Health release information about GRS funding

Comment: Those in Peril on the Land?
Posted: 8th October 2015
LGBT Syrian refugees face three distinct ordeals- one from the brutal Assad regime in Damascus, one from the ISIS insurgents and another from Hungary's viciously right-wing Fidesz regime if they reach Europe. Let's deal with each in turn.

P&R: Serco and transgender prisoner safety
Comment: The Turnbull question
Comment: The End of Canada's Conservatives?

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