Posted: 22nd August 2014

New Zealand’s mighty Falcons are beginning to make their way across the Tasman, where the Bingham Cup festivities begin on Sunday with welcome drinks. We profile a pair of Falcons players to get you warmed up.

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 Pride week @ Akl Uni
Posted: 21st August 2014
A pre-election forum, a panel on homophobia in sport, the opening of a new ‘Queerspace’, and a screening of Priscilla .. so much is happening at Auckland University's Pride Week! Starts Monday!

 A year on: a snapshot of NZ couples
Posted: 20th August 2014
Cambridge photographer Beverley Ashburner has put together a slideshow featuring New Zealand couples and families to mark a year of marriage equality. It's beautiful.

 Celebrating a year of marriage
Posted: 19th August 2014
Three married couples tell us how life has been since they wed, and what being married means to them - the magic of being able to say "wife" and "husband".

 A look at Dirty Politics
Posted: 18th August 2014
Among the many claims of murky behaviour in Dirty Politics is collusion to get conservative, hard right and ultimately anti-gay MPs into National’s ranks.

Catching up with playwright Sam Brooks
Review: One Of Those
A brave celebration: Uganda Pride
Michael Sam: Help end homophobia in sport

The Gotham Knights are cocky!
Posted: 22nd August 2014
New York's Bingham Cup team has put out this fun video ... the team's Number 8 seams to think the Knights have it in the bag! We'll see ...

Ian McKellen helps man propose!
Watch: TransMormon

Massage - bi-curious 17 Aug 14, 08:30:pm
Is PREP available in NZ? 13 Aug 14, 08:15:pm
Gay couple looking for lesbian/s to co-parent with 11 Aug 14, 05:24:pm
Just saw some gay marriage proposal on youtube 01 Aug 14, 10:46:pm
Akl Pride Festival Trust readying for 2014 23 Jul 14, 08:34:pm
Very confused 19 Jul 14, 09:49:pm
Applications open for trans scholarships 17 Jul 14, 01:17:pm
Gender ID info: Stats NZ seeks feedback 15 Jul 14, 11:53:am

Value Your Vote 2014
Posted: 4th August 2014
Family First has just released its “Value Your Vote’ guide for fundamentalist Christians. Let’s invert it and see who we should and shouldn’t vote for!

The wrong side of history (credibility, and science): A rebuttal of UFI's transphobic diatribe
The End of SOP 432

Aucklanders: Your pics are needed!
Posted: 4th August 2014
Auckland Council needs photos to make its strategic framework for rainbow communities look fabulous. Can you help?

The new kids on the block: EquAsian
Kelly Ellis: We're not fools. We know hate when we see it

Tributes rush in for "tireless" Kilmister
Posted: 15th August 2014
Retiring Body Positive CEO Bruce Kilmister is being described as a man with "tireless commitment" and "incredible achievements", in tributes from some of the many people he's worked alongside over the years.

Study sheds light on gay/bi STI rates
Making HIV notifiable won't impact privacy

John Key, Hackergate and the National Party list
Posted: 20th August 2014
Why did concern arise over the Prime Minister's stance on marriage equality and what about his attitude to other LGBT legislative reforms and social issues? The answer is blowing in the wind...or more prosaically, the opinion polls. It's called triangulation.

A look at Dirty Politics
Comment: (Not Sweet At All) Charity
Candidate profile: Richard Hills

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